Barbados: A Caribbean Getaway

Beautiful white beaches and clear blue waters, this post includes a summary of my trip to the island with my favorite restaurants and a variety of recommendations.

I spent two weeks at the Hilton Barbados located in Needham’s Point. The hotel overlooks the Caribbean beach to the west and Carlisle Bay and Bridgetown to the north. This beautiful and unique island is portrayed as the “little Britain” of the Caribbean because of its long association as a British colony. It has it all, from traditional Bajan dishes such as flying fish and sorrel-filled desserts to a wide variety of fusion cuisine. Here are some of my favorite spots to eat on the island!

1. The Cliff:

This was my favorite dining experience. The set up of the restaurant with the extended patio over the sea, the lighting, the music and the decor makes this atmosphere unique and magical. Located in the St James parish, the Cliff is known to being one of the most popular restaurants in the Caribbean for its luxury experience, food and service.

2. Cafe Luna:

Now going in the opposite direction, cafe Luna is located in the south, in Oistins. Oistins is one of the main fishing towns and is a popular tourist attraction. Cafe Luna has more of a calm and romantic atmosphere also overlooking the ocean. The restaurant offers fresh farm dining with its specialty being the flying fish (very good btw, it’s a must!).

3. Champers:

Great location to catch a beautiful sunset! The menu offers a taste of the authentic Caribbean flavours. Located in Bridgetown, the restaurants also has an art gallery showcasing the work of local artists, definitely worth checking out!

Related image

4. Cin Cin by the Sea

This waterfront restaurant is beautiful in daylight as it is at night. This trendy and modern spot offers Mediterranean-style cuisine with a Caribbean twist. Always save room for dessert because it’s definitely worth trying.

5. Primo:

This a good last minute option if you don’t have reservations. Also overlooking the ocean, Primo has more of a laid-back atmosphere with a great selections of seafood dishes. I ordered the shrimp mac & cheese and it was heavenly! It was an amazing twist to the standard m&c. This restaurant is located in the St Lawrence Gap and if you’re lucky enough you’ll spot a sea turtle while dining!

6. Fusion rooftop:

Located in Limegrove lifestyle center, in Holetown, this penthouse dining and contemporary lounge is a great place to satisfy your seafood and sushi cravings.

7. Green Monkey:

This chocolatier has a unique selection of desserts and the macarons are a must!

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