Green Mind

Oh Happy day!

Whether you’re attending a parade, gathering for food and music or bar hopping make sure to include a whole lot of green in your outfit today. If you’re like me, green’s not your favorite color in an outfit so if you want to shop for something green make sure it’s also stylish and versatile.

I am wearing a belled sleeve top ( and a high-rise jeans from Zara ( The V-neck chocker top has gained a lot of popularity this season and it is something we have been seeing not only in blouses but also dresses and sweaters. It is a great substitute for a chocker necklace and adds a lovely touch to a simple outfit. As for these high-rise mom fit jeans I absolutely love the embroidery detailing on them. They have slight rips and the ankle crops are very unique. What a perfect timing to pull out my green mini Prada saffiano.

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  1. Sheismelrose says:

    What a chic casual look and I do love the side frills at the ankle really cute.

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