Street Lights & Street Art

Los Angeles– There are always new places to discover in LA. From the beautifully structured LACMA museum to LA’s street murals, you will always have a to-do-list on your phone. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western USA. Stretching over 20-acres, this campus offers a large collection of art history and exhibitions. Buy your tickets and experience The Rain Room exhibition. A timed-entry indoor experience where you encounter an immersive environment of endless falling water that pauses when detecting human presence. A true sensory experience not to miss! Also don’t forget to take photos by the urban lights, it’s a must..

For those of you who have been following my Instagram and my blog for a while are familiar with my love for street art and street murals. When walking around the streets of LA, always be on the lookout for beautiful murals and colourful street art. I am absolutely in love with The Global Wings Project created in 2012, reminding humanity that we are “the Angels of this Earth”. Local Los Angeles based artist Colette Miller expanded her art all througout different countries like Mexico, Miami, Cuba etc. Checkout the map I have posted below for a Map of the Angel Wings!

As for my outfit, I am dressed in a Zara crop top with black silk shorts, Chanel chevron WOC and Maje Fannie sneakers with glitter detailing.

map of wings

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