Caudalie Skincare

I have recently decided to give Caudalie a try. From the heart of France, this brand was originally inspired by the vines and grapes which “possess exceptional powers for the skin”. Most of these product can be purchased from your Caudalie local store or from Sephora.

  1. Hand and Nail Cream: Rich in antioxidant grape and organic shea butter
  2. Footy Beauty Cream
  3. Vine Body Butter
  4. Lip Conditioner: Contains antioxidant grape Polyphenols and repairing apricot oil
  5. Draining Herbal Teas: Made from 100% organic plants and a fruity infusion taste, this tea accelerates the elimination of water and toxins.
  6. Premier Cru the Eye Cream: I have heard so many good reviews about this eye cream and I am looking forward to using it and seeing the results. It is not only used as an anti-aging cream but it is also used to brighten the under eye area and get rid of dark circles. It is rich in Viniferine and antioxidant rich-grape-seeds Polyphenols.

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