Yellow Bow 

Aloha 🌺🌸 Sharing with you my first post of my beautiful trip to Hawaii. This casual Alice and Olivia open back bow dress is perfect after a tan. I’ve dressed it down with D&G floral espadrilles and a YSL wallet chain. Stay tuned for more looks on this lovely island

So many palm trees

   Spent the day at the beach: I am wearing a Victoria Secret bikini, levi’s high waisted distressed shorts, a floral Brandy Melville cardigan and an LV Neverfull in GM.

Wang, Yoga & Beach 

   I am wearing my Alexander Wang x H&M bra and leggings and in my Yoga moves by the Cancun beach: tree pose Vrksasana and side plank. There’s nothing more serene.. “Simplicity is the glory of expression“- Walt Whitman